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CIMB Virtual Onboarding

Welcoming new employee in style

CIMB asked us to help them create a learning tool for new employee who are undergoing orientation but are too busy to follow through the programme. So, we developed an interactive website that allows newly joined staff to fimiliarise themselves with the new work environment. With all the information at their fingertips, they can easily learn about CIMB corporate structure, code of conduct, company policy and more.

Web Design, UX / UI

we focus highly on delivering the best UX/UI website design for our client CIMB
The Brief

Rethinking Employee Orientation

CIMB realised that orientation is not just a nice gesture put on by the organisation but it also serves as a essential element of new staff welcome and organisation integration

We were engaged to design a virtual onboarding program that can help staff member to fit into the organisation and perform to their best.The program must be carefully plan to educate the new hire about the organisation's values and history and about who is who in the oganisation.

The program was so successful that it was later adopted by 3-4 other CIMB regional banks. The information in the program has proven to be less overwhelming, boring or confusing. The program has met our purpose by reducing anxiety, employee turnover and save time for the Supervisor and new staff

Developing a intutive and engaging website for CIMB staff
Final Result

Getting new people up to speed faster

We develop website that optimises conversions
CIMB staff enjoying the ease of use of the website
We enjoy meeting new people

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